This wonder oil is helping my spider veins on my legs to fade. In Australia we have an equivalent oil that is 4 (yes 4) times the price. l buy it from my local Aldi. I also have dry sensitive skin and this is the best skin care l have ever used. Love it, l tell everyone who buys the $24.99 stuff to get to Aldi and buy it for $5.99. It is also fantastic in the bath, a few drops and it does not have a smell - that is something that sets off the skin itches. Nice to be able to purchase a skin care product that works and does not cost a fortune.. Thank you for a great product.
P.S. this is the first time l have ever done a testimonial.
A friend recommended this cream for my husband who has been suffering from a dry itchy patch on his leg for years and despite steroid creams from the Dr it has never completely gone away. After using this for a couple of days he commented that the patch was improving and not nearly as uncomfortable. He is still using the cream and it really does seem to be working.
I had a very bad scar on my neck and recently had plastic surgery at the Queen Vic Hospital in East Grinstead. I have been using the cream since and it has really helped with softening the scar. It also smells lovely and feels really good. I have now started using on my face, and my wrinkles are much softer. I would recommend it to everybody.
Mrs Helen Butler
I normally never write reviews, but this product has been so good for me I feel I must. I am eighteen, and If ever I got a spot on my face it would scar really easily, and so even now my face has cleared of spots, I still had blemishes and scars on my face. This product was recommended to me, and after only two weeks use I can see a huge difference in my skin. My skin is clear and the scars have healed, it has worked amaIngly! It's seriously cheap as well, so I would really recommend this!
Ms. A. R. Blake
"After using Re-Gen Cream to repair my legs and arms after an influx of insect bites...I am over the moon with the result with my arms and legs and I am telling all my friends about Re-Gen Cream"
Alyson, Cumbria
"As a regular user of your Re-Gen Oil...I prefer your product not only due to pricing but also due to it actually works wonders!"
Elin, Bristol
"Hi, bought a pot of Re-Gen Cream a couple of months ago in Aldi to try out on my rosacea (I have had intensive light therapy with no success for six months until March this year). The Re-Gen was really good and I noticed a difference after about a month...Seriously helped my rosacea like no other product and I've tried lots of things.
Thanks for a brilliant product..."
Tammy, Somerset
"Having by chance tried your Re-Gen Cream, I found it an excellent remedy for my skin condition Eczema!"
Mary, Wales
I have been looking for a cream to help with scars left on my arms from spots. Bio oil didn't work as it was too oily and created more spots. This cream is light and sinks in nicely, and has a lovely scent which is not overpowering. You can also use it on your face. I don't know about long term effects but I would definitely recommend it!

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