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We’re always happy to answer your questions about Re-Gen, but it’s worth having a quick look at our list of FAQs to see if the answer you need is already here.

Will Re-Gen help with dry skin?

The Re-Gen range contains PCL Liquid™, a unique ingredient that locks in moisture and forms a protective film that helps prevent the skin from drying out. Re-Gen Gel is specially formulated for dry skin. Its oleo-gel consistency retains moisture lost by exposure to daily weather conditions, frequent showering and dry indoor ambiances.

Does Re-Gen help heal and reduce scars?

Re-Gen Oil, Cream and Spray were specially developed as a treatment for stretch marks as well as scars and ageing, dry or blemished skin. The PCL Liquid™ together with the natural oils and extracts of Lavender, Calendula and Rosemary will encourage skin repair and assist with the healing process.

When can Re-Gen be applied to an operation scar?

Re-Gen Oil, Cream and Spray can be applied to an operation scar almost immediately, as long as the scar is not open or sore. It is particularly important under these circumstances that a patch test is carried out prior to use.

Why can't Re-Gen be applied to broken skin?

These products are carefully formulated to ensure ingredients are delivered to the appropriate site on the skin. The skin is an effective protective barrier against penetration. No cosmetic product should be applied to broken skin as it could easily enter the bloodstream through an open wound, along with any residual dirt or chemicals already on the skin.

Will Re-Gen get rid of stretch marks?

The active ingredients in Re-Gen Oil, Cream and Spray will help to lock in moisture on the skin’s surface and aid with regeneration and repair. This will in turn improve the condition of the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. When used during pregnancy, it will help reduce the possibility of stretch marks by keeping the skin soft and supple.

When will I see results from using Re-Gen Oil?

We recommend applying Re-Gen Oil twice daily for a minimum of two months to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. In an independent study of Re-Gen Oil, 90% of subjects confirmed an improvement to the condition of the treated area.*
*Based on a 2-month cosmetic study carried out by Derma Consult GmbH (Germany) in 2016

How should Re-Gen be used?

Re-Gen Oil, Cream and Spray can be applied to the skin as a general moisturiser preferably after bathing, when the skin is warm and damp, to ensure optimum moisturisation. Fingertip application works best on small areas such as scars or stretch marks, where it is important that the precise area is treated. Use twice daily for best results. Re-Gen Serum should only be applied in small amounts and you should massage it very gently into the skin. It should preferably be allowed to dry for around 10 minutes before applying any make-up.

How does Re-Gen work?

The Re-Gen range contains the patented active ingredient PCL Liquid™. This ingredient has been proven to lock in the natural moisture of the skin for improved skin regeneration and repair. The Re-Gen range of products also contains the anti-oxidant vitamins A and E to help fight against the long-term signs of skin ageing.

Is Re-Gen tested on animals?

None of the products in the Re-Gen range are tested on animals. They also do not contain any ingredients that have been tested on animals. No cosmetic products have been tested on animals in the UK since 1997.

Is there an expiry date for Re-Gen?

As with all cosmetic products there is an expiry date for each of the Re-Gen product range. This is illustrated on the back of the container by the PAO (Period After Opening) logo:
the number inside indicates how long the product can be kept for after opening. However, an unopened product will keep for up to five years if stored correctly.

Is Re-Gen Oil safe to use during pregnancy?

Re-Gen Oil is completely safe to use during pregnancy. Its special formula contains both PCL Liquid™ and vitamins A and E, all of which help to not only lock moisture into your skin, but to keep your skin healthy as well. Re-Gen Oil aids your skin’s elasticity, helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks that form naturally in pregnancy, as well as other blemishes and marks that can form on the skin. It is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, so you can be sure that it is of the same high standard as all of the other products in our range.

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